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About Us

Welcome to Personal Pleasure Sex Toys.

I specialize in one thing and one thing only here: vibrators.  I don’t sell bondage gear; I don’t review dildos; you won’t find a selection of swings at this store.  It’s not because I don’t like them – it’s hard not to like anything that’s designed solely with your pleasure in mind, after all – but rather because vibrators are the one thing I know like nobody’s business, and rather than pretend to be an expert on everything I’d rather just help you find the vibrator that you’ll appreciate the most.

You also won’t find 500 different varieties of vibrators here.  If there’s one you can’t find that you’re interested in please let me know, but rather than stock every make and model I only focus on the highest rated and best vibrators out there.  You’ll find a great selection of styles – rabbits, traditional, discreet, g-spot massagers and more – but only a few of the best ones in each category.  If you’re anxious for one you don’t see just drop me a line and I’ll see about finding it for you (I might know people).

Whether you’re looking to invest in the best luxury vibrators, try a trusty rabbit to double your pleasure or grab something discrete to take along with you to the club (or the pool or even work) Personal Pleasure Sex Toys is the place to find it.